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Day Treatment

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The Pointe Day Treatment:

Pinnacle Pointe Behavioral Healthcare System offers day treatment services through The Pointe Alternative Learning Center. The Pointe is

The Pointe Alternative Learning Center, our therapeutic day school approved by the Arkansas Department of Education, offers services for children and teens.

and provides an individualized setting for a student’s educational and therapeutic needs. The Pointe Treatment Team provides services to the student in a collaborative effort with the child’s home school district, family, and community.

The Pointe Alternative Learning Center team consists of the following professionals:

Referrals to The Pointe Alternative Learning Center must be made at the request of the child’s home school district. To determine your child’s eligibility, contact the principal at your child’s school.

For additional information about The Pointe Alternative Learning Center, please call (501) 663-6771.

School-Based Services:

Pinnacle Pointe also provides school-based outpatient services throughout the state of Arkansas. School-based behavioral health services are provided at the invitation of your local school district. Please contact your child’s school to determine if he or she is eligible for services.