Patient Packing List

It’s essential that all patients are adequately prepared for their stay at Pinnacle Pointe Behavioral Healthcare System. We’ve compiled the list below to help our young patients and their families feel secure and comfortable as they seek treatment. All Items will be reviewed by staff upon admission, and any inappropriate material (references to drugs, sex, violence, or other questionable content) will not be allowed. Pinnacle Pointe is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please bring items in a plastic bag for storage space purposes.


  • Four shirts (no tanks/sleeveless/thin or sheer tops)
  • Four pairs of pants/shorts (at least knee length)
    • No dresses/skirts without special permission
  • Four pairs of socks
  • One pair of comfortable shoes, preferably without shoelaces (no boots, please)
  • One pair of shower shoes or house shoes/slippers
  • Four pairs/sets of underwear (no thongs or underwire bras)
  • One jacket (please remove any drawstrings)
  • Any additional items must be brought during family sessions for the therapist to review. Sub-Acute (long-term) Treatment patients may bring up to seven outfits (instead of just four).
  • No hooded clothing (jackets/coats/sweaters/shirts with hoods)

Hygiene (applies to Sub-Acute (long-term) Treatment only)

  • One toothbrush and one tube of toothpaste
  • One stick of deodorant
  • One bottle of shampoo/conditioner
  • One plastic comb/brush
  • Feminine hygiene products (as needed)
  • No make-up allowed

Personal Items Allowed

  • One moderately-sized stuffed animal (no ribbons, wires, or metal)
  • One age-appropriate magazine or book (no hardcovers, wires, or strings)
  • One personal picture/photo without a frame (as appropriate)

Reach Out for Help Now

We’re available 24/7 to provide a no-cost mental health assessment. Call Pinnacle Pointe at 800-880-3322 to get started. For questions about our programs, call us or use our online contact form. In the case of a medical emergency or crisis, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.