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Partial Hospitalization Services

The Partial Hospitalization Program was developed to respond to those adolescents who are struggling with significant behavioral problems in school, at home, and in the community. By serving adolescents, and their families, the Partial Hospitalization Program is designed to offer intensive, focused interventions not ordinarily found in traditional outpatient counseling settings. Additionally, the Partial Hospitalization Program provides a sound therapeutic alternative for those adolescents who are transitioning from hospitalization back to the community.

The mission of the Partial Hospitalization Program is to provide treatment that best meets the adolescent and family’s needs. This is done by a combination of proven therapies: psycho-educational, group psychotherapy, recreational therapy, and multi-family therapy. These therapies can help provide an internal foundation for the adolescent to learn alternatives, contemplate personal change, and begin the process of taking action towards improved mental wellbeing.

It is our belief that continuing care services are essential to the adolescent’s ability to achieve long-lasting, personal change. Continuing care should last for at least six months after discharge from the program to ensure long-term stability in functioning. Involving the family and those close to the person helps the adolescent find proper support and care over time.


The function of treatment is to provide a supportive and safe environment for the individual to gain and enhance the skills necessary to assist in the process of personal growth. The initial focus of treatment includes a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of the patient’s life. Family involvement in this screening process is paramount to effective assessment of treatment needs and strengths. The treatment process is then designed to address identified needs required to return to or achieve a higher level of functioning.

The program is a time-limited and intensive treatment. Discharge from program is individualized for each patient and has many factors involved. Typically the length of stay in the program is 7-14 days; however, this is NOT set for each patient in the program. Our staff will keep you informed of this important information throughout the program.